School Stabbing Leaves More Than 20 Wounded, Some Critically

Photo: Isaac Tovar

A 16-year-old boy allegedly injured more than 20 people at a school stabbing in Pennsylvania, leaving authorities with more questions than answers about the motive behind the attack.

School Stabbing Leaves Many Questions

Other students and adults who witnessed the attack stated that the young man didn’t have any unusual look on his face nor did they have a sense that this particular boy could or would commit such violence.

This particular crime seems to have caught many people off guard, since most schools now have plans in place should a shooting occur but a school stabbing isn’t the norm. There were a couple of schools in Texas, though, who have experienced stabbings within the past several months.

It’s probably nearly impossible to predict when a student or other person might commit an attack on a school. There’s little to no information about the boy in question in this incident, but it’s likely that more details will come to light as time passes and the investigation continues.

Case May be Handled in Adult Court

It is reported that prosecutors will try to have this young man treated as an adult instead of being taken care of in the juvenile court system.

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Deaths of Utah Teens Ruled a Murder-Suicide

A South Jordan community was struck with tragedy a couple of weeks ago when two Utah teens were found dead in the basement of a home.

Photo: Rodrigo Gomez Sanz

What Happened?

The boys’ deaths, a 12-year-old and 15-year-old, were recently determined to be the result of a murder-suicide; the 15-year-old was apparently responsible for both the younger teen’s and his own death. Authorities have yet to state a reason, if one is known, for the motive(s) behind the tragic deaths—although they have noted that they aren’t sure if the murder was accidental or intentional.

Stolen Guns Found in Home

The gun used in the shootings had been reportedly listed as stolen that same day, along with two other guns found in the home. Three other Utah teens were in the home’s basement at the time of the shootings; very little information about them has been released and no charges have been filed at this point.

Be Involved with your Kids

Even though these boys’ deaths occurred before the holiday season, it’s a good time to note that there are a lot of Utah teens who may feel more emotionally or financially desperate at this time of year. Parents cannot be held responsible for a lot of things their teenagers decide to do, but it’s helpful if adults try to keep tabs on their kids’ activities.

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Teen Receives Life Sentence for Murder

A teen who was found guilty of murder recently received a life sentence from a Colorado judge.

The Life Sentence

The now 18-year-old was a juvenile at the time of the crime, but that didn’t stop the judge from handing down the stiffest penalty available to him. Because the teen was a juvenile when the murder occurred, he normally would have been eligible for parole after 40 years. In this situation, however, the judge added 86 years for other crimes the teen was convicted of. Those additional sentences will keep him in prison for the rest of his life.

Was the Life Sentence Doled Out Appropriately?

The teen’s defense attorneys tried to convince the judge that state law required him to allow the young man to be eligible for parole after the mandatory years had been served, but the judge didn’t concede their argument.

Even though Colorado has the death penalty, a person convicted of committing this type of crime when he was a juvenile at the time cannot be sentenced to death. The defense team in this situation will undoubtedly appeal the judge’s decision.

Just because a judge comes to a certain resolution, doesn’t always mean it’s the right choice. That’s why you want to make sure your child is represented by a top Utah juvenile defense attorney regardless of the offense or crime he’s been charged with.

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