Vinyl Fence Vandals on East Side of Salt Lake City Believed to be Juveniles

Photo: r. nial bradshaw

Residents and police on the east side of Salt Lake City are concerned about some vandals that seem to have targeted vinyl fences.

Vandals Thought to be Juveniles

It’s also believed that the vandals are juveniles. One resident who’s had her fence broken on multiple occasions seems to think that it sounds like kids come and throw themselves into the fence until it breaks.

It’s hard to imagine who would find throwing their body into any structure, vinyl fence or otherwise, fun–but there you have it. Someone’s doing it and residents have the broken fences to prove it.

While it may not seem like the worst crime in history, vandalism is a crime–regardless of the type of vandalism that takes place. Also, there’s more to it than just the repair of a broken fence. Kids (or adults for that matter) who are found to be vandals may find themselves spending some quality time incarcerated in addition to the financial costs of choosing vandalism as a past-time.

Level of Charge Can Depend on Monetary Damages

Another term for vandalism is criminal mischief; this may be charged if a person intentionally destroys or damages someone else’s property. It would likely be charged as a class A misdemeanor if the person does more than $500 but less than $1500 in damage.

Having the right defense attorney on your child’s side in any juvenile matter may make all the difference in the outcome of his or her case. It’s important to contact a Utah juvenile defense attorney as soon as possible to get your child’s case on the right track. More that phone call today.

Teen Vandal Arrested in Utah

A teen vandal, who police believe is responsible for an extensive vandalism spree in the West Jordan area of Utah, has been arrested.

Photo: chorley.paul

What Happened?

The young man has allegedly been busily slashing vehicle tires, breaking into vehicles and setting dumpsters on fire at a local middle school—all since Labor Day weekend. Police stated that they don’t yet have any motives for the teen vandal since he’s not saying much to them.

Arson and vandalism are both serious crimes, particularly considering that the teen vandal allegedly slashed over 100 tires alone. He’s lucky the fires in the dumpster didn’t spread, too.

Good Reasons to Hire a Utah Juvenile Defense Attorney

Even though it’s better not to commit crimes, it is important that anyone charged with a crime consult with a defense attorney immediately—even juveniles. There’s never any guarantee that a person accused of a crime will be let off with a “slap on the wrist,” which is why you want to have the advice and representation of an attorney who is well-versed and experienced in handling criminal defense cases.

Keep in mind that all people need and deserve the best legal support they can find, and kids are no exception. In the case of this teen vandal, there may be more involved than just a kid making some mistakes. Teenagers can be pretty complex individuals, so it’s worth finding out what’s going on inside that is sending them down a potentially dangerous path.

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Utah Vandals Quote the Bible, Amongst Other Things

Some Bible-quoting vandals recently struck in a northern Utah neighborhood, causing an undisclosed amount of damage to various properties.

Photo: Salim Virji

Messages Range From Spiritual to Obscene

The vandals, armed with green spray paint, weren’t feeling solely religious however. One woman’s home had a sexually obscene message spray painted on its garage door. The other vandalism took place on another private residence, two cars and an LDS church house.

What is Criminal Mischief?

Vandalism may also be referred to as criminal mischief. A person commits the crime of criminal mischief if he intentionally:

• Damages
• Defaces or
• Destroys

the property of another. Criminal mischief can result in vandals being charged with anything from a class B misdemeanor to a second-degree felony, depending on the circumstances surrounding the vandalism.

Graffiti Can Be a Favorite for Vandals

Graffiti is another form of vandalism. Graffiti can be:

• Printing
• Writing
• Spraying
• Scratching
• Affixing or
• Inscribing

anything on any surface without the owner’s permission. Graffiti also ranges from a class B misdemeanor to a second-degree felony depending on the cost of property damage. For example, if the damage caused amounts to less than $300, it would be a class B misdemeanor. On the other hand, property damage over $5000 would be a second-degree felony. Vandals who resort to using graffiti can face both financial and criminal penalties.

Let a Utah Juvenile Defense Attorney Represent Your Child

If you have a child who has been charged with any criminal activities, it is important to consult a Utah juvenile defense attorney. Let an experienced attorney guide you through the challenging court system, instead of trying navigate it on your own. An attorney can help you have some piece of mind while you are supporting your child through a difficult time.