Prank on Sleeping Student Could be Considered Assault

A prank on a sleeping student in Monroe Utah could be considered assault… if they ever find the prankster.

Snip snip

Photo by: Christian Schnettelker
Photo by: Christian Schnettelker

18 year old Sydnee Anderson, a senior at South Sevier High School fell asleep in one of her classes only to discover later that during her nap someone had cut off a lock of her hair. Anderson didn’t notice that some of her hair was missing until later when she tried to put her hair in a ponytail. To make matters worse, the prankster posted a confession of the hair cutting on an anonymous app available to all the students in Sydnee’s school.

Prank turned assault?

Photo by: Rum Bucolic Ape
Photo by: Rum Bucolic Ape

While many see this as a case of cyber bulling, others may look at it as assault. Utah code 76-5-102 states that “Assault is . . . an act, committed with unlawful force or violence, that causes bodily injury to another . . .” Although hair is technically dead cells, when it is still attached to the head it could be seen as part of the body and an act of violence against the hair could be claimed as an act of assault. Likewise, some could claim the scissors were a weapon in the assault to increase the charges. Assault charges in a case like this may be a long shot, but it’s not worth the risk of jail and a fine for a joke.

When a joke goes too far

The intentions of the student who cut Anderson’s hair are unknown, as is the identification of the amateur hairdresser. No one knows for sure if the other student meant this as a form of cyberbullying or if they realized the possibility of assault charges if caught. Teens who have taken a joke too far and are now facing charges should contact a juvenile defense attorney as soon as possible.

Utah Teens Facing Kidnapping Charges

Three southern Utah teens may be facing kidnapping charges after allegedly participating in an incident involving a teenage girl last Sunday.

Photo: DiamondBack Truck Covers

The Victim’s Kidnapping Story

The victim’s story is that at least three shirtless males wearing masks grabbed her from behind and put her in the back of a truck, closing the truck bed’s lid over her and locking her inside. They supposedly drove for a little while and stopped; at some point they opened the cover and she was able to get away.

The girl was able to provide a description of the vehicle, and three juveniles were arrested by the local police. After their arrests, a juvenile court judge ordered that the boys be released. The boys have since been removed from high school.

What Could Happen to the Boys?

If the young men are charged with kidnapping and found guilty, their punishments would be up to a juvenile court judge. They could potentially be in detention until they turn 21.

Kidnapping or Prank?

Is this a prank being blown out of proportion? The girl was likely scared, and if the boys did commit this act, it was a bad choice. However, should they be locked up for the next four years because of a prank? The answers to these questions depend greatly upon a person’s point-of-view.

If you’ve ever been involved in a prank, you know how easily something meant to be funny can go wrong. Most pranks are just that—a joke, and some jokes are pretty stupid. However, stupidity isn’t necessarily a crime.

Hiring a Utah Juvenile Defense Attorney

If your kid ever does something that police think is criminal, don’t wait to hire an attorney to represent him. Somebody may be looking for a scapegoat, and that could be your child. Let a Utah juvenile defense attorney provide your son or daughter with a vigorous defense, freeing you to support your child. It could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.