Two Utah Juveniles Facing Charges As Suspects in West Valley Area Burglary Ring

Photo: Yutaka Tsutano

A couple of juveniles have been arrested and booked into juvenile detention based on law enforcement’s belief that they have been involved in a successful burglary ring doing business in the West Valley City area.

Burglary Ring Kept Busy

The alleged burglary group reportedly focused on robbing homes that were normally unoccupied during the day. It’s also believed that they stuck mainly to stealing expensive electronics and jewelry. The other members of the group consisted of four adults, all of whom have been identified and charged with crimes such as racketeering, burglary and criminal mischief.

Kids Don’t Have it Too Easy

Most people will admit that it’s tough to be a kid these days. It’s even more challenging when the adults who should be watching out for and protecting kids are involving them in committing crimes.

Your Child Needs and Deserves the Best Legal Defense Possible

Luckily, juvenile courts have some options available to them when it comes to doling out consequences for juvenile offenses. The best way to insure your child gets the best possible outcome out of his juvenile court case is to hire an experienced Utah juvenile defense attorney to represent him.

Most kids are not beyond the reach of amendment when it comes to criminal behavior. It still makes sense to let an attorney handle any child’s case both in and out of the courtroom. Kids deserve the same respect as adults, and an attorney can make sure they are treated appropriately by all involved parties.

Make the right move today and talk to a top Utah juvenile defense attorney.

Utah Kids’ Use of Marijuana Still Strong, Still a Crime

Photo: Torben Hansen

Even though using marijuana is still illegal in Utah, some Utah kids (and adults) are finding reasons to use the drug and ways to get a hold of it.

Marijuana, the use of which has been legalized recreationally in Colorado and Washington states, has been authorized for medicinal purposes in at least 20 states in the Union. Utah, probably not too surprisingly, is still a hold-out state for legalized marijuana use in any way.

Lots of People on the Marijuana Bandwagon

A recent study shows that more kids are viewing marijuana use as something that shouldn’t be criminalized. In fact, even in Utah kids are more inclined to use marijuana for its supposed lack of side effects.

The study shows an increase in recent use of marijuana, etc., by 8th, 10th, and 12 graders in Utah over the past 4 years, and there’s no indication that those statistics will reverse themselves anytime soon.

Marijuana Use Still a Crime in Utah

As mentioned before, drug use–and alcohol use–is a crime in Utah, and kids who are caught disobeying the law face potentially stiff penalties. One typical consequence for kids who use drugs is having their driver’s license revoked or suspended until their reach the age of 21.

Other penalties can include home or juvenile detention, youth drug court intervention, fines and work hours. Any or all of these consequences can come about as a result of kids going through the juvenile court process.

If your son or daughter is in legal trouble, whether it’s related to drugs or not, don’t wait to contact a Utah juvenile defense attorney. Your child deserves to have a top legal advisor on his or her side in any court situation. Make that important call today.

Deaths of Utah Teens Ruled a Murder-Suicide

A South Jordan community was struck with tragedy a couple of weeks ago when two Utah teens were found dead in the basement of a home.

Photo: Rodrigo Gomez Sanz

What Happened?

The boys’ deaths, a 12-year-old and 15-year-old, were recently determined to be the result of a murder-suicide; the 15-year-old was apparently responsible for both the younger teen’s and his own death. Authorities have yet to state a reason, if one is known, for the motive(s) behind the tragic deaths—although they have noted that they aren’t sure if the murder was accidental or intentional.

Stolen Guns Found in Home

The gun used in the shootings had been reportedly listed as stolen that same day, along with two other guns found in the home. Three other Utah teens were in the home’s basement at the time of the shootings; very little information about them has been released and no charges have been filed at this point.

Be Involved with your Kids

Even though these boys’ deaths occurred before the holiday season, it’s a good time to note that there are a lot of Utah teens who may feel more emotionally or financially desperate at this time of year. Parents cannot be held responsible for a lot of things their teenagers decide to do, but it’s helpful if adults try to keep tabs on their kids’ activities.

Talk to a Utah Juvenile Defense Attorney

Kids, like adults, can get into trouble at the craziest times. If your child has run across the law in a negative way, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Utah juvenile defense attorney. Having an attorney on your child’s side may be the best gift you can give to him or her. Make that important phone call today.

Youth Court for Utah Juveniles

When Utah kids get into trouble with the law, some may find themselves in a state youth court instead of the traditional juvenile court setting.

Photo: Fort George Meade Public Affairs Office

What is Youth Court?

Youth court is an alternative to the typical juvenile court. Youth court is organized with teens as the judges, jury, lawyers, bailiffs and clerks—under the supervision of an adult. Any person may make a referral for a juvenile to youth court for minor offenses. Potential referrals are always screened by an adult coordinator.

What Type of Authority does a Youth Court Have?

Youth courts have authority over kids:

• Referred for a minor offense or offenses
• Who, with a parent, voluntarily and in writing request youth court involvement
• Who admit having committed the referred offense
• Who (along with a parent) waive privilege against self-incrimination and right to a speedy trial and
• Who, along with a parent, agree to follow the youth court disposition of the case

Youth courts may decline to accept a youth in their court for any reason and kids or their parents may decide to quit the youth court process at any time. If either occurs, the case will be transferred back to a juvenile court.

Who Will Know What Happens in Youth Court?

The happenings in youth court are only allowed to be shared with the referring agency, juvenile court and the victim.

Talk to a Utah Juvenile Defense Attorney

Regardless of the offense a child is charged with, it’s always in his best interest to talk to a Utah juvenile defense attorney. Having an attorney on your son’s or daughter’s side may make a world of difference in his or her case. Make the right choice and call an attorney today.

Utah Teens Arrested Following Car Thefts

Three Utah County teens are in serious trouble following a crime spree involving car thefts and break-ins.

Photo: Gabriel Millos

Let’s Get in Trouble

The boys’ problems started when they decided to play hooky from school earlier this week. They set off on foot from Orem toward Provo and eventually started getting into unlocked cars. At some point they grew tired of walking and found a car with the keys inside. That turned out to be the first car they stole.

The teens, two 13-year-olds and one 14-year-old, reportedly drove around in the car for awhile before ditching it. They then apparently continued breaking into cars; police believe they burgled at least 60 vehicles during their crime spree.

Another Car Theft and More Burglaries

Another car was stolen and a credit card found within was used at a local store. The teens had time to commit a few more burglaries before they were found and arrested. They have all been booked into a juvenile detention facility while the investigation into their alleged crimes continues.

The judge(s) in these cases may have an interesting time trying to sort through the facts. People—adults included—can get into sticky situations when they are bored and can also make unnecessary trouble for themselves.

Discuss Your Child’s Case with an Attorney

Whether you have a child who has committed car thefts or just ditched school to go to a friend’s house, he needs and deserves to have expert legal representation in any juvenile court matter.

Don’t wait to get your child the help he needs. Make the right call and talk to a Utah juvenile defense attorney today.