Drinking Statistics Show Fewer Utah Underage Drinkers Than National Average

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Recent statistics show that there are, overall, fewer underage drinkers in Utah than there are typically throughout the United States.

Underage Drinkers are Less Frequent in Utah

Some risk factors that have been found to lead to underage drinking include: availability of alcohol, family conflict, trouble at school and peer pressure. Utah is well-known for being a state that tries to curtail not just underage drinkers but also unrestrained drinking among legally aged drinkers, a fact that might bother some people.

Legally, if a minor is arrested–for example–for driving under the influence he could easily find himself without a driver’s license: either because it is revoked or he is restricted from receiving one until he’s 21-years-old. There are other legal problems that can arise from underage drinking, too.

A minor who is caught drinking alcohol may find himself in juvenile detention, home detention or required to perform community service.

Hiring a Top Utah Juvenile Defense Attorney for Your Child

Regardless of your personal beliefs about alcohol, whether it’s drunk by minors or adults, you may agree that anyone who’s accused of a crime deserves the best legal representation they can find.

Ultimately, it is our desire to provide the legal support and assistance your child needs. We firmly believe in protecting kids’ rights and will work tirelessly to see that your child is treated fairly, both in and out of the courtroom.

Talk to an experienced Utah juvenile defense attorney today to help get your kid’s case on the right track. Helping you and your child is our privilege.

Utah Juvenile Court Jurisdiction

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A Utah juvenile court has jurisdiction over juveniles and some adults in certain legal situations. That jurisdiction is as follows.

The juvenile court has exclusive original jurisdiction in legal proceedings in the following circumstances:

* children who have violated any federal, state, local law or municipal ordinance

* someone younger than 21 who violated any law prior to turning 18

* a person 21 or older who didn’t comply with an order to pay fines or restitution (when the order was made prior to the person’s 21st birthday)

* children who are abused, neglected or dependant

* child protective orders

* appointment of a child’s guardian

* emancipation of a minor

* termination of a parent-child relationship

* treatment or commitment of a minor who has an intellectual disability

* a minor who is habitually truant from school

* the commitment of a child to a secure drug and alcohol facility

* parents whose child has been sentenced to a secure facility

* a minor who is lacking the competency to proceed in a legal matter

Why Your Child Needs a Utah Juvenile Defense Attorney

If you have a child who has gotten themselves into legal trouble, the odds are good his case will be handled in a Utah juvenile court. It’s important that any child who is party to a court case be represented an experienced Utah juvenile defense attorney.

Regardless of the offense your child is accused of committing, talk to a top Utah juvenile defense attorney as soon as possible. Get your son or daughter the help they need.

Juvenile Opens Fire in School, Wounding Three People

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A 12-year-old juvenile in New Mexico was taken into custody after he opened fire at the middle school he attended, wounding three people–two of whom were students.

What Happened?

Authorities believe the juvenile boy planned the attack; they also think he warned some students that there would be an attack. Two students were wounded during the shooting, one critically. An adult also received some type of injury.

As Bad As it Was, It Could Have Been Worse

Fortunately, the situation didn’t end up as bad as it might have had there been more shooters or had the juvenile had more gun ammunition. A judge ordered that the juvenile receive an evaluation and mental health treatment. Officials are still looking for a motive behind the attack.

There are many ways parents can help their children these days, but some areas are tough, including when kids have to deal with bullies, sex issues and mental health problems. Parents can be on the lookout for difficult situations but can’t always prevent serious problems.

Talk to a Utah Juvenile Defense Attorney About Your Child’s Legal Dilemma

Children who get into legal trouble, no matter what type, need and deserve competent, experienced legal help. Talk to a Utah juvenile defense attorney today if you have a child who’s considered delinquent for any reason.

There’s no need to wait for the worst possible scenario to occur. Get your son or daughter the expert legal defense they need.

Utah Juvenile and Aggravated Robbery Investigation

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A 17-year-old juvenile was recently booked into juvenile detention for allegedly being involved in a string of armed robberies throughout Weber County.

The boy supposedly participated in three different armed robberies with three other men, all adults. The robberies occurred at two convenience stores and one fast food restaurant; police noted that guns and knives were displayed at each scene.

Juvenile Court or Adult Court?

It’s not known at this time if the juvenile will be treated as such or as an adult. Adults who are found guilty of aggravated robbery may be sentenced to a minimum of five years to as much as life in prison, since this crime is a first degree felony.

Definition of Aggravated Robbery

A person commits aggravated robbery (whether an adult or juvenile) if he:

* uses or threatens to use a dangerous weapon
* causes serious bodily injury upon another person
* takes or attempts to take a working automobile

while committing a robbery.

Juveniles frequently have a good chance of rehabilitation which is why they are generally charged with an “offense” as opposed to a “crime.” However, you never know when a judge will certify a juvenile as an adult and suddenly a 17-year-old finds himself sentenced to life in prison.

Help Your Child Today

That’s why it’s in a child’s best interest to be represented by an experienced Utah juvenile defense attorney regardless of the charges against him. Don’t let anyone convince you that your son or daughter doesn’t need their own attorney.

Make sure your child has the best chance of success in any legal matter. Talk to a top Utah juvenile defense attorney today.

Are You Going to Hell If You Burglarize a Church? Utah Church Vandalism Case Cracked.

A case of vandalism at a Magna, Utah, church has been solved, as far as law enforcement is concerned; however, you are gonna need a great attorney in front of the Judge and on Judgment Day.

Busy Little Bees

The vandalism occurred twice within a 48 hour time period back in August. Numerous items were broken, destroyed or stolen during those vandalism episodes, but police were initially stumped as to who the culprits were.

At some point, police found a cell phone in the church and were able to trace it. They talked to the Utah teen who owned it and he confessed to being part of the trio who broke into the church. Police have since discovered the identities of the other two teens and charges have been filed against at least one of the juveniles, including felonies such as burglary, theft and destruction of property.

Vandalism Can Include a Host of Crimes

Often, vandalism includes crimes such as graffiti and criminal trespass. Criminal trespass can be charged if a person enters property unlawfully and commits crimes that don’t amount to theft and/or burglary. This situation included taking property off the premises, as well as destruction of property so the charges are (presumably) cited accordingly.

Since minors’ cases are normally handled in juvenile court, that court doesn’t look at the charges the same as the adult court does. Juveniles are usually charged with offenses and hopefully can be rehabilitated through the juvenile court processes.

Your Child’s Rights Matter

Because kids’ rights are as important as adults’ rights, it’s just as vital that a juvenile has legal representation, too. Utah juveniles who have been charged with any offense need and deserve the help of a top Utah juvenile defense attorney.

If your child is in a legal conundrum, talk to a Utah juvenile defense attorney today. Help your son or daughter get back on the right track.