Attempted Homicide Charges For 19 Year old Utah Teen Who Hit Child on Scooter

A 19 year old Utah teen has been arrested for attempted homicide charges after he hit intentionally hit a child on a scooter.

Auto-pedestrian accident

19 year old Steven Becky of Draper, Utah was driving erratically down the wrong side of the road when he saw an 11 year old girl walking her scooter. Becky then veered his vehicle from the left lane all the way to the right, striking the girl walking. Following the auto pedestrian accident, Becky was clearly under the influence of drugs and behaved in an aggressive manner to those on scene. When authorities questioned him, he waived his Miranda rights and admitted to hitting the girl intentionally.

Attempted homicide

Becky was booked into the Utah County Jail on multiple charges including second degree attempted homicide. Utah Code 76-4-101 states “a person is guilty of an attempt to commit a crime if he . . .

(a) engages in conduct constituting a substantial step toward commission of the crime; and
(b) intends to commit the crime; or
(c) when causing a particular result is an element of the crime, he acts with an awareness that his conduct is reasonably certain to cause that result.”

Section 76-4-102 adds “Criminal attempt to commit [homicide] . . is a first degree felony punishable by imprisonment for . . . not fewer than three years and which may be for life”.

Under the influence of drugs not a defense

Police determined that Becky was under the influence of multiple drugs including some hallucinogenics. Utah Code 76-2-305 states “A person who asserts a defense of insanity or diminished mental capacity, and who is under the influence of voluntarily consumed, injected, or ingested alcohol, controlled substances, or volatile substances at the time of the alleged offense is not excused from criminal responsibility on the basis of mental illness if the alcohol or substance caused, triggered, or substantially contributed to the mental illness.” While Becky may have not had control over his actions or intentions while under the influence, he made the choice to take drugs and therefore cannot use that as a defense. Anyone facing charges for criminal activity while intoxicated or high on drugs should consult with legal counsel regarding their options.

Attempted Homicide Charges for Utah Student Who Caused Non-Life Threatening Injuries to Classmate

A Utah student is being charged with attempted homicide after he caused non-life threatening injuries to a classmate at Northridge High School in Layton.

Razor blade attack

Photo by: atalou

During lunch at Northridge High School in Layton, a 15 year old boy came up from behind another 15 year old male student and cut the other student’s neck with a razor blade. A school resource officer quickly intervened, and the victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries that required stitches. The young teen with the blade was calmly arrested and charged with attempted homicide.

Attempted homicide

Attempted homicide is a serious charge that even if committed by a juvenile, could end up resulting in a prison term. Utah law states that there are some serious felonies that if committed by a minor fourteen years of age or older, could cause a juvenile to be tried as an adult. According to Utah Code 78A-6-702, some of these felonies include:
i. “Aggravated arson
ii. Aggravated assault resulting in serious bodily injury to another;
iii. Aggravated kidnapping;
iv. Aggravated burglary;
v. Aggravated robbery;
vi. Aggravated sexual assault;
vii. Felony discharge of a firearm;
viii. Attempted aggravated murder; or
ix. Attempted murder; or
(b) [other offenses] involving the use of a dangerous weapon, which would be a felony if committed by an adult [and the minor has previous felony convictions with a dangerous weapon]”.

Clash between two teens

According to other students and investigating officers, the two teens involved had been having problems with each other for quite some time. The animosity between the two obviously got so bad as to lead to an attempt at taking another’s life. Parents and teachers are encouraged to observe teen’s behavior for signs of hostility toward or from other students and speak to school officials before things escalate. For more information on juvenile crimes that could result in adult charges, contact an attorney who has experience in both courts.

Attempted Homicide for Shooting Someone with a BB Gun

Police in Kearns, Utah are investigating a shooting where a 14 year old boy was shot in the head with a BB gun; an act that authorities are saying could result in attempted homicide charges.

BB Gun at School

Attempted Homicide
Photo by: au_tiger01

Following a homecoming pep rally at a Kearns, Utah high school earlier this month, a car pulled up to a group of students outside the school and opened fire on the crowd with a BB gun. One student, a freshman, was shot in the forehead with the BB gun and taken to a local hospital. The victim of the shooting is expected to make a full recovery and police are trying to find the shooter.

Not a child’s toy

A BB gun is often portrayed as an older child’s toy such as it is in the classic holiday movie “A Christmas Story”, yet many parents who buy their children BB guns or similar play firearms are unaware of the potential harm a child can do with the gun, and the criminal charges that may follow.

Attempted homicide

Photo by: Daniel Lobo
Photo by: Daniel Lobo

According to Kearns police who are still looking for the BB gun bandit, shooting someone with a BB gun is just like using any other type of firearm and criminal charges of attempted homicide are to be expected. Utah Code 76-4-102 states regarding attempted homicide : “[it] is a first degree felony punishable by imprisonment for an indeterminate term of not fewer than three years and which may be for life “.

Parental supervision

It is important for parents to educate themselves and their children on the rules associated with using any firearm, including BB guns. It is also encouraged that parents wait until a child is mature enough to understand the potential ramifications that may occur from committing a crime with a gun and for parents to provide supervision whenever the gun is in use. If a minor is facing criminal charges for attempted homicide or other firearm charges, parents should seek immediate legal counsel.

Drug-Induced Psychosis Leads to Teen Stabbing His Best Friend

A Herriman Utah teenager was arrested after stabbing his best friend during a sleepover last weekend and authorities are investigating whether drug-induced psychosis is to blame.

Run through with a sword

Early Saturday morning following a sleepover between two 17 year old best friends, one of the boys took a collectible sword from his friend’s collection and ran the other boy through the abdomen with it. There was no evidence of an altercation or argument between the boys and as far as both parents knew, they were on good terms with each other prior to the attack.

Four adults needed to subdue teenager

After calling 911, the victim’s father struggled to subdue the teenager from stabbing his friend again. An officer arriving on the scene struck the boy with a Taser and still the teen continued to fight being restrained. In the end, it took the help of two firefighters to control the teen long enough for the officer to handcuff him.

Adrenaline rush

Authorities were originally puzzled as to why the teenager would stab his best friend, however drug-induced psychosis is a possible cause of the attack. This conclusion would help explain the teen’s ability to fight off two adults after having a Taser used on him as drug-induced psychosis often gives users an added adrenaline rush and inhuman like strength.

Drug-induced psychosis

Stimulant drugs such as meth and cocaine are believed to be the cause of most cases of drug-induced psychosis. Drug-induced psychosis can produce symptoms such as hallucinations, aggression, disorientation, paranoia, and short term memory loss. When a person under the influence of a stimulant suffers from drug-induced psychosis, they are more likely to behave irrationally and violently, which can lead to actions they may regret, even if they cannot recall the events.

Attempted homicide charge possible

The Herriman teenager who was stabbed is in stable condition and expected to make a full recover. His friend is facing aggravated assault and possible charges of attempted homicide. While his mental instability is expected to be questioned by his attorney, it will do little to repair the damage done to the friendship between the teenagers.