Prescription Cough Syrup as a Recreational Drug

A prescription cough syrup cocktail known as Sizzurp, purple drank, or lean is increasing in popularity among the younger crowd as a recreation drug and many teens can’t get enough of the sweet drink until it’s too late.

Purple tinted drink

Photo by: Helga Weber
Photo by: Helga Weber

Sizzurp or purple drank has been sung about and glorified by many rap artists over the last decade including a few artists who lost their lives from the harmful concoction. Sizzurp is usually made from fruity soda, candy such as Jolly Ranchers, and a prescription cough syrup that is purple in color and contains promethazine and codeine. The sweet tasting base of this recreational drug makes it easy to consume, which increases the likelihood of health repercussions.

A fatal cocktail

In small doses, the prescription cough syrup in the purple cocktail can be very effective at controlling pain while quieting a cough and encouraging sleep. In large doses however, the prescription cough syrup can bring upon an overly relaxing high while increasing the chances of addiction as well as seizures or death from respiratory distress. One serving of Sizzurp typically contains several doses of the prescription cough syrup per drink, making it a potentially fatal cocktail.

Felony charges for misuse of a prescription cough syrup

prescription cough syrup
Photo by: frankieleon

Just like any narcotic in pill form, prescription cough syrup is intended to only be used by the person for whom the prescription is written. If someone consumes a drink containing the cough syrup without having a prescription or makes a cocktail and serves it to others, they may face felony charges for their misuse of a controlled substance.

Talk to your kids about Sizzurp

Parents of teens are encouraged to research the recreational drugs that may be popular among the youth such as Sizzurp or purple drank and discuss with their children the legal and lethal dangers of using prescription cough syrup or other drugs to get high.

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