Possession with Intent to Distribute Charges for High School Sophomore

Photo by: NIlanjan Nag
Photo by: NIlanjan Nag

A sophomore at a Utah high school is facing possible charges for possession with intent to distribute after a large amount of drugs were found in his car at the high school parking lot.

Drug dogs

Officers searched a 16 year old’s vehicle after a K-9 unit alerted law enforcement to a possibility of drugs in the car. The drug dogs were at the high school doing a random search of hallways, lockers, and student vehicles; something they do at least once a month.

Mobile illegal business

The teenager, whose name is not released due to him being a minor, was attempting to leave the parking lot of the high school when officers stopped the young man and searched his vehicle, finding over five pounds of marijuana hidden inside.

Possession with Intent to Distribute
Photo by: Cannabis Culture

Possession with intent to distribute

Although there was no report on officers finding scales, baggies, or any other evidence suggesting that the boy was going to sell the marijuana, there is a high probability he may face charges of possession with intent to distribute based solely on the large quantity of marijuana he possessed. Since the five pounds of marijuana can be assumed to be more than a normal person would have on them for personal use, that may be all that is needed for intent to distribute charges to follow.

3rd degree felony +

Possession of over one pound but less than 100 pounds of marijuana is a 3rd degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine as much as $5,000. Someone facing possession with intent to distribute also faces a 3rd degree felony. While it may seem that the boy is facing a 3rd degree felony no matter which charge he faces, because he was in a school zone, intent to distribute charges would be increased to a 2nd degree felony. This is one of many reasons why it is encouraged to speak with a juvenile defense attorney regarding any drug charges.

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