Jail Time Not Necessary For Utah Teen Charged With Vandalism

It has been determined that jail time will not be necessary for a Utah teenager who was charged with vandalism in California last June.

Vandalism – a costly choice

Photo by: Brandon Crowe

18 year old Jared Vance of Provo Utah was visiting a war memorial in Danville California when he foolishly spray painted drug referenced graffiti on what was described by Danville Police as “pavement, stone paths and granite benches”. California law states that depending on the cost of the damage, vandalism can be punishable as a misdemeanor or a felony with a fine ranging between $1,000 and $50,000 along with up to a year in jail.

Discerning it as a juvenile mistake

Authorities in Danville California and board leaders of the All Wars Memorial could have thrown the book at Vance for the vandalism on a respected memorial site however they have chosen to accept a public apology, community service, and reimbursement for the graffiti removal with no expected jail time for the young graffiti artist.

Fortunate “young” adult

Photo by: Tony Webster
Photo by: Tony Webster

At 18 years old, Jared Vance likely still looks and acts like a teenager yet is considered by law to be an adult. Although there is no excuse to defacing public property, the immaturity of his actions should not result in him spending time behind bars.  Fortunately, the people of Danville California recognized that and gave this young man a chance to redeem himself without jail time. The Danville Police Department, who are continually involved with or sponsoring community events such as “Recess with the Cops” and “Coffee & Cocoa with the Cops” obviously understood a juvenile mistake when they saw one.

Juvenile defense

Many teenagers and young adults are not the recipients of such understanding and grace as what was shown to young Jared Vance by the people of Danville. Not only can juveniles be punished severely for crimes, they can also be charged as adults and face time in jail. If your son or daughter is facing criminal charges whether they are a teenager or an immature young adult, it is imperative to consult with a defense attorney that handles both juvenile and adult criminal cases to keep them out of the system.

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