Drug-Induced Psychosis Leads to Teen Stabbing His Best Friend

A Herriman Utah teenager was arrested after stabbing his best friend during a sleepover last weekend and authorities are investigating whether drug-induced psychosis is to blame.

Run through with a sword

Early Saturday morning following a sleepover between two 17 year old best friends, one of the boys took a collectible sword from his friend’s collection and ran the other boy through the abdomen with it. There was no evidence of an altercation or argument between the boys and as far as both parents knew, they were on good terms with each other prior to the attack.

Four adults needed to subdue teenager

After calling 911, the victim’s father struggled to subdue the teenager from stabbing his friend again. An officer arriving on the scene struck the boy with a Taser and still the teen continued to fight being restrained. In the end, it took the help of two firefighters to control the teen long enough for the officer to handcuff him.

Adrenaline rush

Authorities were originally puzzled as to why the teenager would stab his best friend, however drug-induced psychosis is a possible cause of the attack. This conclusion would help explain the teen’s ability to fight off two adults after having a Taser used on him as drug-induced psychosis often gives users an added adrenaline rush and inhuman like strength.

Drug-induced psychosis

Stimulant drugs such as meth and cocaine are believed to be the cause of most cases of drug-induced psychosis. Drug-induced psychosis can produce symptoms such as hallucinations, aggression, disorientation, paranoia, and short term memory loss. When a person under the influence of a stimulant suffers from drug-induced psychosis, they are more likely to behave irrationally and violently, which can lead to actions they may regret, even if they cannot recall the events.

Attempted homicide charge possible

The Herriman teenager who was stabbed is in stable condition and expected to make a full recover. His friend is facing aggravated assault and possible charges of attempted homicide. While his mental instability is expected to be questioned by his attorney, it will do little to repair the damage done to the friendship between the teenagers.

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