Hate Crime against Police


A Utah teenager was arrested after drugging an officer’s drink and authorities are unsure if the act was a just a juvenile prank gone wrong or a hate crime against police.

Would you like drugs with that?

18 year old Tanis Ukena was working at a Subway restaurant in Layton, Utah when a police sergeant came to the drive through window in a patrol car. After receiving his lunch and drink from Ukena the police officer continued to the station for work when he began to feel a little off. Once at the station, other officers noted that the sergeant appeared to be high on drugs. The sergeant was taken to a hospital and a sample of his drink was tested for drugs; it came back positive for THC and meth.

Hate crime against police or a juvenile prank

Hate Crime Against Police
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Thus far, there isn’t a known motive as to why Ukena would want to drug a police officer. With a young, impressionable mind being subjected to the multitude of vile stories in the media lately about police targeting others or being targeted themselves, some question whether or not this could have been a hate crime against police.

2nd degree felony

Whether or not the officer was targeted because of his profession, the young Subway worker was irresponsible and likely not aware that the actions he took could have such severe consequences. Ukena was charged with surreptitious administration of a substance, which is a 2nd degree felony. By spiking the officer’s drink he not only put the officer in danger but now may face up to 15 years in prison.

Parental education

When teenagers are being constantly subjected to social media posts that may encourage or condone a hate crime against police, it is important for parents to speak with their children about the consequences that can come from such actions. There are legal ways to voice concern and take a stand against the questionable activities of law enforcement officers that will not result in an 18 year old serving time in prison time.

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