Vandalism to Church by Utah Teens

Two Weber County, Utah teens were arrested earlier this month for vandalism done to a church. The spray painted anti-religious symbols were similar to other vandalism to churches done earlier this year in St. George, Utah and Duchesne, Utah. Churches aren’t the only target; schools are often broken into and damaged as well, sometimes simply as a way to “celebrate” the end of year.

Photo by: Daniel Lobo
Photo by: Daniel Lobo

Frequent targets

Vandalism can occur to a variety of things such as: vehicles, homes, outbuildings, overpasses, & parks. While all vandalism is illegal, damaging schools and churches that are meant for secular or religious teachings is disappointing.


There is speculation as to why teens are targeting schools and churches. There may be animosity towards certain teachers or principals at their school. Sometimes the reason is frustration over school bullies or bad grades that lead them to take out their frustration through vandalism. Targeting churches is commonly done by those not of that religious denomination, or possibly by those that feel rejected or are treated unkindly by members of that faith. These bad feelings towards people often leads teens channel their anger into vandalism.

Possible felony charges

Vandalism is considered criminal mischief and the law and penalties are the same for teens and adults. Frequently for minor vandalism, the punishment for the teens is a fine and restitution or community service. Unfortunately for the teens in Weber County, they are facing felony charges. Additionally, other crimes such as burglary and theft are common along with criminal mischief. The penalties for those can range from misdemeanors to felonies. For teens who are facing criminal mischief charges for vandalism, contact a juvenile criminal defense attorney to help you achieve the slightest penalty possible.

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