The danger of Kids with Fake Weapons

Fake weapons such as BB guns and airsoft rifles are meant to give kids a safe alternative to the real deal, however they are proving to be a danger to our youth.

Armed gunmen at an elementary school

Photo by: Andrew Toskin
Photo by: Andrew Toskin

Each year on the anniversary of 9/11, citizens, police officers, and other government authorities around the country continue to be on high alert for any signs of another attack. On the 14th anniversary of that event, the West Valley Police Department was notified by several callers who witnessed two armed suspects at a nearby elementary school after hours.

Two Utah teens nearly shot over fake weapons

With their weapons drawn, West Valley police officers approached the suspects who thankfully did as they were told and lowered their weapons. Police officers discovered that the two supposed gunmen were only 15 year old boys, and their weapons of choice were nothing more than airsoft rifles with the orange tip colored over. Behaving suspiciously on school property at night while garnishing fake weapons almost cost both of the boys their lives.

Airsoft guns not legal everywhere

Besides the physical danger that fake weapons impose, there is also the risk of charges for having fake weapons such as toys guns in public. So far, there are 5 cities in northern Utah who have laws regarding airsoft guns. Disobeying these laws, such as South Jordan’s law on no airsoft guns in public, could result in criminal charges. For more information on each city’s laws regarding fake weapons or to discuss charges that a minor may have for using a fake weapon such as an airsoft gun in public, contact a juvenile defense attorney.

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