Police Car Joyride for Utah Teen

An Apple Valley, Utah teen is in jail after taking a police car joyride early Sunday morning.

Photo by: Scott Davidson
Photo by: Scott Davidson

Party poopers

18 year old Jason Bateman and a handful of his friends were hanging out in the back of a parked truck in Hildale, Utah shortly after 2am when police officers showed up regarding a noise complaint. Officers found beer, alcohol, and handguns among the people in the truck who consisted of both adults and minors.

Someone’s played Grand Theft Auto

After unsuccessfully trying to flee on foot, Bateman was handcuffed and arrested for minor consumption. Police left the 18 year old in the rear of the police car, handcuffed with his hands in front of him. Bateman then climbed into the front of the patrol car and sped off on a police car joyride, nearly hitting a group of bystanders.

Getting nowhere fast

Bateman’s police car joyride peaked at speeds reaching 120 mph as he soared past the Utah border, heading deeper into Arizona. Eventually however, he decided to end his joyride, pulling off the road willingly on southbound SR-389. Bateman and another individual from the truck are being held at Purgatory Correctional Facility in Hurricane, Utah.

Should’ve stuck with minor consumption

Photo courtesy of: Washington County Sheriff's Office
Photo courtesy of: Washington County Sheriff’s Office

Because Bateman chose to flee on his police car joyride, now added onto his class B misdemeanor of minor consumption are four more class B misdemeanors, one class C misdemeanor, one class A misdemeanor, three 3rd degree felonies and one 2nd degree felony. For any teens whose choices have made a bad situation worse, make the good decision by getting in touch with a juvenile defense attorney.

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