Utah Teen Driving Stolen Vehicle in Custody

Utah Teen Driving Stolen Vehicle
Photo: Dan Dawson

A Utah teen driving a stolen vehicle in Syracuse almost hit several children in Founders Park. Fortunately the joy ride was ended without incident or injuries.

Like Something out of an 80’s Movie

In the 1988 comedy, License to Drive, Corey Haim plays a teenager who fails his driving test, but in an effort to impress a girl, he “borrows” his grandfather’s Cadillac. Unfortunately, while the plot lines are similar, the hilarity that ensued in License to Drive did not replay in Syracuse on Saturday, May 31.

On the day in question, a 14-year-old boy from Sunset reportedly stole his grandfather’s car in Duchesne County. Investigators were notified at approximately 5:30 p.m. that the theft had occurred and that the boy was possibly heading to Syracuse in the stolen vehicle. Although no evidence was found to substantiate the claim, Syracuse police were also told that the boy might be armed.

Stolen Vehicle Almost Turns into Vehicular Homicide

After police attempted a traffic stop, the joy ride turned into a high speed chase. At one point, the teen drove the car through Founders Park, nearly hitting several children before continuing into a residential neighborhood. Following public safety procedure, Syracuse police were forced to end the chase.

However, within five minutes the stolen vehicle was spotted again by Davis County sheriff’s deputies and the chase resumed. As the teen started heading toward the park again, off-duty police officer Bryson Rowley, who had been listening to a police scanner app on his cellphone pulled his truck in front of the car to stop it.

No injuries were reported as a result of the incident, and the teen is currently in custody.

When Civil Proceedings Become Criminal

Juvenile cases are generally considered civil proceedings. There are exceptions to this, such as traffic violations and offenses which would be considered a felony if committed by an adult. In this situation, a stolen vehicle would be considered a second degree felony. It remains to be seen how this case will be treated.

If your child has been taken into custody for a similar charge or is being accused of any other crime, remember that it is in your best interest to contact an experienced juvenile defense attorney.

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