Two Utah Juveniles Facing Charges As Suspects in West Valley Area Burglary Ring

Photo: Yutaka Tsutano

A couple of juveniles have been arrested and booked into juvenile detention based on law enforcement’s belief that they have been involved in a successful burglary ring doing business in the West Valley City area.

Burglary Ring Kept Busy

The alleged burglary group reportedly focused on robbing homes that were normally unoccupied during the day. It’s also believed that they stuck mainly to stealing expensive electronics and jewelry. The other members of the group consisted of four adults, all of whom have been identified and charged with crimes such as racketeering, burglary and criminal mischief.

Kids Don’t Have it Too Easy

Most people will admit that it’s tough to be a kid these days. It’s even more challenging when the adults who should be watching out for and protecting kids are involving them in committing crimes.

Your Child Needs and Deserves the Best Legal Defense Possible

Luckily, juvenile courts have some options available to them when it comes to doling out consequences for juvenile offenses. The best way to insure your child gets the best possible outcome out of his juvenile court case is to hire an experienced Utah juvenile defense attorney to represent him.

Most kids are not beyond the reach of amendment when it comes to criminal behavior. It still makes sense to let an attorney handle any child’s case both in and out of the courtroom. Kids deserve the same respect as adults, and an attorney can make sure they are treated appropriately by all involved parties.

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