Two Utah High School Students Charged with Disorderly Conduct

Photo: Bill McChesney

Two Wasatch High School students have been charged with disorderly conduct following an incident which was termed “hazing” by at least one person.

Disorderly Conduct–Not Hazing

The students, members of the school’s basketball team, allegedly put their naked bottoms near some team member’s faces while additional team members held them down. Police reported that most of those who had a bottom held near their face weren’t upset, but at least one team member wasn’t thrilled with the situation.

There were four coaches on the bus, which was returning home from an away game, none of whom admitted seeing anything extraordinary. They have reportedly all received reprimands from the school and were asked to be more aware of what goes on with their students.

The Consequences

Disorderly conduct is a class C misdemeanor, unless the person stops when asked in which case it’s an infraction. The young men in this incident have been charged with an infraction. According to reports, hazing wasn’t charged because their behavior didn’t result in extreme humiliation, embarrassment or shame. The two students may end up facing a fine of up to $750.

Your Child Deserves Legal Representation

Even though their alleged behavior wasn’t in good taste, it’s important that the prosecution in this case recognized what their behavior was–and wasn’t. People, whether juveniles or adults, shouldn’t be forced to face criminal charges that exceed the supposed crime or infraction.

If your child is in legal hot water, do him a favor and contact a Utah juvenile defense attorney right away. It’s in your child’s best interest to have proper, experienced legal representation regardless of the charges against him. Make the right choice and call us today.

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