14-Year-Old Sentenced to Adult Prison for Murders


Photo: Brian Turner

A 14-year-old Pennsylvania boy has been sentenced to adult prison for his role in the murders of his grandparents over a year ago.

The young man’s attorney had tried to keep his case in juvenile court to no avail. The jury selection process was underway when the boy pleaded guilty to committing both murders when he was just 13-years-old.

Why Commit Murder?

He allegedly was upset with his grandparents when he decided to shoot them. He first killed his grandmother, then his grandfather after he returned home. There may have been drugs and/or alcohol in the boy’s system at the time according to his parents, but that wasn’t confirmed.

Death Penalty Not on the Table

Because of the teen’s age, he wasn’t eligible for the death penalty, but prosecutors were going to try him for two counts of first degree murder–which could have seen him in prison for life without the possibility of parole.

Instead, the boy pleaded guilty to two counts of third degree murder, which in Pennsylvania means that the murders were not premeditated but were with malice. He will now be in adult prison for at least 33 ½ years, at which time he will be eligible for parole.

Adult Prison Not Usually the First–or Best–Option

In Utah, teens’ cases are rarely transferred to adult court, but it has been known to happen. Usually, teenagers are only sentenced to adult prison if it’s believed that they will be a threat to the general public. Of course, it’s unpleasant to think what potential threats face kids in adult prison.

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