Utah Teens and Alcohol

A study of Utah teens and alcohol use revealed some interesting facts about how—and with whom—Utah teens drink alcohol.

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Utah teens, on average, imbibe less than their peers in other states. However, those teens that do consume alcohol in Utah are more likely to binge drink than other youth. Additionally, the report showed that many teens that drink do so with the permission of their parents or their friends’ parents.

Possible Consequences of Teen Drinking

Some of the potential consequences for underage drinking can include:

• A higher risk for becoming a school drop-out
• Substance abuse issues
• Increased chance of committing violent acts

How Teen Drinking Can Affect Their Driving Priveleges

There are legal ramifications for underage drinking, too. Kids under the age of 21 who are convicted of a first-time DUI offense can have their license suspended until they reach the age of 21. Utah teens under 21 who haven’t received a driver’s license will have their license or learner’s permit applications denied until they turn 21.

So if a 15-year-old commits a DUI offense, he won’t even be able to apply for a learner’s permit or driver’s license until he turns 21. Depending on your point of view that may be a steep penalty, but that is the current Utah law.

If a teen ends up with a second DUI offense conviction, the consequences increase dramatically, and their driver’s license isn’t the only thing affected.

Let an Attorney Help

If your teen is in legal trouble with the Utah juvenile justice system, it’s never too late to get the help of an experienced Utah juvenile defense attorney. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you are the only support your troubled teen needs. Parental support is huge, but when an offense is committed, having a legal expert on your child’s side can make a positive difference in the outcome of his case.

Do your child—and yourself—a favor. Talk to a top Utah juvenile defense attorney today.

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