Suspected Cyberbullying at Utah High School

There are reports of suspected cyberbullying at a Utah high school, this time using the social media network Instagram.

Photo: Geoffrey Fairchild

What’s Going on?

Some Timpview High School girls are the alleged targets of the cyberbullying this time. Before Instagram officials were notified and the list was taken down, it was reported that there were pictures of several female students and offensive comments made about the girls. Local police as well as the school district are making investigations into the alleged cyberbullying.

Utah law prohibits bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, hazing, sexual battery and sexual exposure in the following school-related situations:

• on school property
• at a school related or sponsored event
• on a school bus
• at a school bus stop
• while a school employee or student is traveling to or from the above locations

State law also notes that hazing and cyberbullying are prohibited at any time or any location. There is another law that requires a school to notify a parent if his child threatens to commit suicide or is otherwise involved in cyberbullying, harassment, etc.

An Attorney Can Help

Kids, like adults, are not immune from making mistakes. Youth that are bullied or are bullies both are in need of help; it’s an unfortunate situation for anyone involved that can bring about civil and/or criminal penalties.

If your child is facing legal difficulties due to cyberbullying or any other problem, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Utah juvenile defense attorney. Having the assistance of an attorney can help your child in multiple ways. Make the right move and call a Utah juvenile defense attorney today.

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