Utah School Kids and Weapons

There were two separate incidents this past week concerning Utah school kids and weapons on school properties.

Photo: Mauro Cateb

Teens at Cyprus High

In one situation, four Cyprus High School students were arrested for possessing dangerous weapons on school property. The four teens were discovered allegedly skipping class and in possession of pocketknives and/or brass knuckles. Police noted that the boys had not hurt or threatened anyone, but do have gang connections. They were arrested and will likely be suspended and may be sent to other schools.

Legal Definition of Dangerous Weapons on School Property

According to the state code, no one—including Utah school kids—is allowed to be in possession of any dangerous weapon, firearm or sawed-off shotgun on or around school properties. Possessing a dangerous weapon on or about school premises is a class B misdemeanor. If you decide to take a firearm or sawed-off shotgun onto school property, you’ll probably be charged with a class A misdemeanor.

There is an exception to the above law. Someone, such as a school resource officer, who is authorized by the school administrator or who has a legal right to carry such a weapon can be excluded.

Youth Carries Gun to School

In another incident, an 11-year-old boy showed up at school with a gun and allegedly threatened other students. He was also arrested and will likely be sent through the juvenile court system.

Violence in Utah is nothing new, but it can be frustrating to see Utah school kids armed with weapons. One of the best ways to help a child who’s been put into the juvenile justice system is to make sure that he is represented by a top Utah juvenile defense attorney.

Helping Utah School Kids

Contact an attorney who has a reputation for helping and defending his juvenile clients. The right Utah juvenile defense attorney may make the positive difference in your child’s case that puts him on the right track.

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