Drive-By Shootings with No Injuries Results in Attempted Murder Charges

After a series of drive-by shootings took place in Layton, Utah with no injuries being reported, multiple teens involved in the gang-related shootings were arrested for attempted murder.

Drive-by Shootings

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Three separate drive-by shootings took place within a 10 day period in Layton, Utah and police believe the incident stemmed from retaliation from two rival gangs in the area. Following the third shooting, two 18 year olds and a 17 year old were arrested for various charges including attempted murder.

Attempted murder

Although no one was harmed during the multiple drive-by shootings, the three teens are facing charges for attempted murder. Utah Code 76-4-101 states “. . . a person is guilty of an attempt to commit a crime if he:

(a) Engages in conduct constituting a substantial step toward commission of the crime; and

(b) (i) Intends to commit the crime; or

(c) (ii) When causing a particular result is an element of the crime, he acts with an awareness that his conduct is reasonably certain to cause that result.”

Intent to cause death

After talking to witnesses, investigators have decided the two individuals who fired the weapons did so in order to cause serious injury or death to the individuals in the homes fired upon. Additionally, the other teen charged was the driver at one of the incidents and therefore determined to be aware of what was taking place. The two 18 year old were booked into the Davis County jail while the 17 year old was taken to a juvenile detention center.

Utah Teen Fleeing Police in Stolen Vehicle Causes Fatal Accident

A Utah teenager fleeing police in a stolen vehicle caused a fatal accident in Santaquin on Sunday.

Fleeing in a stolen vehicle

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Officers from the Payson City Police Department were on the lookout for a stolen truck when an officer on duty spotted a 17 year old juvenile driving the stolen vehicle Sunday night. The officer attempted to pull the teen over, however the teen failed to stop on command and fled. Later that same evening another officer on I-15 near Santaquin attempted to pull the teen over when the teen again failed to stop for police, resulting in a pursuit. While evading the police officer, the teen left the interstate and collided with a vehicle, critically injuring the other driver. That other driver who was a 17 year old female later died from her injuries.

Felony charges

The teenage driver of the stolen vehicle was transported to the hospital for injuries sustained in the accident but will be transferred to the custody of a youth detention center upon his medical release. He will face numerous charges which could include:

• Theft of “an operable motor vehicle”, a second degree felony as stated in Utah Code 76-6-412;

• “Failure to respond to officer’s signal to stop . . . and while so doing causes death or serious bodily injury to another person” another second degree felony (41-6a-210);

• Other felony charges if it is determined the boy was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

If the teen’s charges are transferred from juvenile court to district court, he may face several years behind bars. For legal support regarding juvenile cases or those that may involve both courts, contact an attorney that handles both juvenile and criminal defense cases.